Tonneau Covers:

At 901 Sounds Auto Accessories, we think of Tonneau Covers as “your truck’s best friend”. That’s because a Tonneau Cover makes a world of difference for the bed of your truck, offering complete protection against rust, scratches, and cargo-marks as well a nice hint of personal style. Our inventory is loaded with top-quality Tonneau Covers from the most respected names at the best value around – you can count on it.

901 Sounds Auto Accessories offers the most comprehensive assortment of Truck Bed Covers you will find. Vinyl roll-up Tonneau Covers along with Fiberglass and Aluminum Tonno Covers are available for most truck models because simply put, we don’t like to leave anyone out. We know that if we do our job, your truck’s bed stays nice and tidy. And with top-tier quality coming at you from names such as Access®, LiteRider®, Vanish™, Lorado™ and more, we have a feeling your machine is well taken care of right here. Protect with a sense of style. Treat your truck right!

901 Sounds Auto Accessories specializes in putting drivers in touch with Car & Truck Accessories that add more than just style and protection. We want drivers to develop their vehicle’s identity their own way. That’s why we cover an entire spectrum of choices, including Custom Grills, authentic Wood Dash Kits, Rear Spoilers, Floor Mats, Chrome Trim, and more. The highest quality and the biggest names are always here at the best prices. Think of us whenever your vehicle needs something new!

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Spoilers make up one of the biggest segments inside the auto accessory industry. They ignite fiery passion to almost any ride, allowing sizzling style to ooze from the back. 901 Sounds Auto Accessories grabs you by the hand and never lets go. All of our spoilers are designed and sculpted from top-quality fiberglass or ABS plastic for maximum durability and a precise OEM fit to your model. Choosing your exact factory-match paint color is also easy with our computerized color-coding system. We’re home to the sharpest and most defining factory spoilers, custom spoilers, lip spoilers, and rear roof wings around.

Many times when a driver is on the market for a spoiler, they want to go with something that matches the body-style of their ride. Factory spoilers represent the look and shape of a spoiler if you were to purchase it directly from the OEM. Every factory spoiler we offer comes from expert manufacturers who use the most advanced methods to ensure a precise design and fit to go along with your model’s specs. The advantage of a factory spoiler is once one is installed, it appears as if your model rolled of the line with it already in place. That is the effect most drivers are after. It’s also why factory spoilers are a crucial part of our spoilers selection at 901 Sounds Auto Accessories.

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Hitch Covers:

Whether or not you’re busting cargo down the interstate or parked outside your home, the opportunity to express yourself doesn’t go away. Hitch Covers are extremely popular items that say something no matter what. At 901 Sounds Auto Accessories, we like the idea that an accessory so small could also be this powerful. Maybe that’s why we’re always excited to offer a huge collection of Hitch Covers for drivers of all backgrounds. Feed your Truck or SUV some extra style and watch it stand out a little more! We’ll empower you with the design choices you need to get the job done. Any year Make/Model name, just about any custom desire can be met. Vehicle brand trademark hitch covers are available, and many feature an outer display piece that’s actually cut into the shape of the logo itself. Hitch covers with a wide range of well-known iconic symbols are available such as “4×4”, racing flags, skull and crossbones, yellow smiley face, and more. Or choose a hitch cover with an outside piece cut in the shape of Texas or U.S. Route 66 sign. Fans of Transformers can even choose Decepticon and Autobot symbols.

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Running Boards:

Great for any Truck, Van, or SUV that presents an obstacle climbing into – Running Boards make your life easier by offering a safer way to get in your vehicle while also adding a bold compliment to the side-exterior. 901 Sounds Auto Accessories presents a full line of top-quality Running Boards featuring names like Westin®, Aries®, Putco®, E&G Classics®, Steelcraft®, Romik® and ATS® guaranteeing your vehicle the indispensable “fit & finish” you depend on. We focus on providing our drivers with nothing but the very best Truck Running Boards and Step Boards to choose from.

901 Sounds Auto Accessories offers a complete catalog of top-quality Step Boards for more Makes/Models than anywhere else. We don’t bother cramming our inventory full of second-tier materials and workmanship. You need to be able to trust that your new Side Boards will hold you up and be resistant to rust, oxidation, and corrosion. Imitation Side Boards you see at other places are flimsy and rust after the first storm of the season. Not ours. With Romik, ATS and Westin among the elite manufacturers we carry, you can rest assured your new Running Boards will keep the same professional finish and remain as sturdy as ever. Quit “hopping” in and out of your vehicle. Make it easy on yourself. 901 Sounds Auto Accessories’s array of Running Boards will show you the way.

901 Sounds Auto Accessories spotlights an exclusive collection of Westin Running Boards at the best value around! Considered to be the tops in the industry, Westin Running Boards are available in a variety of different styles for your Truck, Van, or SUV. Westin®, plain and simple, is the standard. Only the highest quality Stainless Steel. Chrome, and Extruded Aluminum are used and the finishes speak for themselves. Westin Molded Running Boards, Molded Lighting Boards, Sure Grip Truck Running Boards, and more are available right here for any driver who craves elite quality along with a smooth, custom imprint. Stop struggling to get a leg up – Westin Running Boards always give you a boost!

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Father’s Day

Fathers Day.jpg

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there!

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Custom Wheel & Tires deals all day …. stop by and get started , only $40.00.

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Let’s Get Started


Got Wheels ? $40.00 is all you need to get started. Contact us today for more details. We look forward to hearing from you! 901-372-9922

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