The best radar detector and laser jamming solutions for every vehicle and every driver.

Simply put, the NEW K40 RL360i and Laser Defuser g5 are the most advanced radar detection and laser protection system available today, completely customized for your automobile and the way you drive.

K40 Electronics – We Fix Speeding Tickets.

K40 has been the leader in radar and laser detection technology since 1981.

  • The first remote installed radar detector in 1981
  • The first Speeding Ticket Guarantee in 1982.
  • The first laser jammer, the Laser Defuser, introduced in 1994.
  • The first Radar and Laser Protection Systems with Quiet Ride.
  • The first Live Consultation with an experienced K40 consultant who customizes your Radar and Laser Protection System for the way you drive
  • The ONLY custom installed radar detector that has two radar receivers built in meaning twice the range and directional awareness

Advanced Systems from the Industry Leader in Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Technology

K40 Electronics offers the most advanced line of Radar detector and Laser Jamming Systems in the world.

More than just detection, it’s protection from speeding tickets.

Every K40 unit is sold exclusively through our network of elite K40 certified dealers.

Where’s the best place to mount your radar detector?

Chances are, you already know the hassle that comes with radar detector mounting. With BlendMount, the days of suction cups and hanging wires are over. Keep your windshield and dashboard looking clear and let your radar detector appear factory installed. Secure your Escort, Beltronics or Valentine One radar detector, using our easy to use, patented BlendMount radar detector mount.

This adjustable, easy to install mount allows you not only an unimpeded field of vision, but maximum radar coverage, with a minimum of difficulty. Directions for installation are included, along with extra hardware. The BlendMount is also manufactured, assembled and sold from our California headquarters, making customer service before and after your BlendMount purchase a snap!

When it comes to radar detector mounts, choose the industry leader: BlendMount, the patented radar detector mount.

  • Say goodbye to those annoying suction cups.
  • BlendMount securely attaches yourradar detector to the stem of your rear view mirror.
  • Our exclusive spring loaded clip keeps your Beltronics / Escort radar detector from bouncing around.


  • Remove and install your radar detector in a matter of seconds.
  • Simply squeeze the springs clip as shown. This relieves the spring pressure and repositions the radar detector for installation and removal.




  • Durable, lightweight, black anodized, Aircraft Grade 6061 T6 aluminum.
  • Powder coated spring steel.
  • Multiple adjustments allow for the perfect placement of your radar detector.






  • Slide collar along stem.
  • Move stem up and down or side to side via the mirror stem’s pivot.
  • Pivot Adjustment.
  • 3/4″ vertical Adjustment.
  • We want to provide you with the highest quality mount available.
  • Our design, attention to detail, fit, and finish are second to none.
  • We Guarantee It!!
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