Wheel Repairs in Memphis, TN

Custom rims are one of the key upgrades manufacturers have included to enhance the look and feel of the modern automobile. And the response has been nothing but impressive. Unfortunately the more custom and lightweight they make the rims the more susceptible they are to the many obstacles on the road. Occasionally, even your best efforts to avoid these obstacles fail. Some of the more common forces at work present themselves as a bent rim, something that’s hard to anticipate even in some of the best road conditions.

Uncorrected vibrations will not only destroy your tires, it can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. We use safe and effective techniques on our patent pending straightening system. This allows us to restore most out of round or bent wheels back to balanceable trueness in one hour or less.

Bends that are too severe for on-site services can either be repaired by one of our sister companies or replaced with one of the thousands of remanufactured wheels we have available.

If you suspect your rim to be bent or it’s not holding air it’s a good idea to get it checked out. Most rims can be repaired with new patented rim repair techniques and some old fashioned metal skills. It’s a good idea to keep in mind the obvious damage that is visible might just be the tip of the iceberg. Every time you hit a pothole or anything with the same force your rim is being distorted. The vibrations from an out of round or imbalanced rim can lead to the degradation of many other mechanical parts on your car.

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