Add That Special Touch to Your Vehicle With Custom Brake Caliper Covers

You may give your vehicle a totally new look, customizing it with the super shiny chrome accessories,a sporty body kit, or a brand new set of extremely stylish wheels, but you’ll still lack something special. Something that may not be noticed at first. Something that may complete the style you want to portray. This something is a set of brake caliper covers. Delivering bright look and cleaning up a mostly neglected area, the covers will surely add color and aesthetic appeal behind your wheels. You may get a high-performance, sporty look with red caliper covers or opt for the custom caliper covers, featuring the color that would perfectly match the paint job of your vehicle or the color that would create a sharp contrast. In our catalogs, you will easily find the caliper cover kit that meets your needs.


custom-caliper-covers-3_t custom-caliper-covers-4_t custom-caliper-covers-2_t custom-caliper-covers-1_t

Don’t think that caliper covers are only a stylish upgrade. Having them installed, you dress up the naked calipers, and at the same time, you get rid of the brake dust, which reduces the cost of wheel cleaning supplies. Moreover, the accessory actually minimizes heat on calipers. Covering only the front of the brake caliper, the cover lets all heat escape through its top, reducing brake fade. These accessories also protect your calipers from the elements, not letting them get rusty or become dirty. Brake caliper covers are made of such materials as fiberglass, hard plastic, aluminum, and even stainless steel, making them extremely durable to wear and to any damage from exposure to air, moisture, and heat.



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