Exterior Auto Accessories in Memphis, TN: Hitch Covers

Whether or not you’re busting cargo down the interstate or parked outside your home, the opportunity to express yourself doesn’t go away. Hitch Covers are extremely popular items that say something no matter what. At 901 Sounds Auto Accessories, we like the idea that an accessory so small could also be this powerful. Maybe that’s why we’re always excited to offer a huge collection of Hitch Covers for drivers of all backgrounds. Feed your Truck or SUV some extra style and watch it stand out a little more! We’ll empower you with the design choices you need to get the job done. Any year Make/Model name, just about any custom desire can be met. Vehicle brand trademark hitch covers are available, and many feature an outer display piece that’s actually cut into the shape of the logo itself. Hitch covers with a wide range of well-known iconic symbols are available such as “4×4”, racing flags, skull and crossbones, yellow smiley face, and more. Or choose a hitch cover with an outside piece cut in the shape of Texas or U.S. Route 66 sign. Fans of Transformers can even choose Decepticon and Autobot symbols.

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